In 2014, I started making web videos to share my research and my work on digital projects. Here are a few of them below.

"Aggregating Aspirations: What Peabody's Metadata Tells Us About Local TV History" (2016). A video produced in collaboration with Taylor Cole Miller for the Peabody Archives Symposium. Takes a big data approach to Peabody's collection.

"Project Arclight, or How to Data Mine the MHDL's 1.5 Million Pages" (2015). A video produced in collaboration with Tony Tran for the IAMHIST Conference. Reports on the progress of Project Arclight.

"Data Mining Silent Cinema History" (2014). A video produced for the "Cinema, History, Digital Archives Conference" in Canberra, Australia. Discusses the opportunities and challenges of the digital turn for film history.

"Theatrical Reissues: William S. Hart films go to the FTC." (2014). The second of seven videos that I produced as part of the online exhibit on theatrical reissues that accompanied my book, Hollywood Vault.