I've always thought that the study and production of media go together in hand-in-hand. For this reason, I love teaching production courses, studies courses, and hybrid classes that combine critical thinking with hands-on production training. Here are some of the courses I teach in the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Department of Communication Arts.

Introduction to Digital Media Production (CA 155)

My primary teaching responisbility at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a large undergraduate course called Introduction to Digital Media Production (Communication Arts 155). In the course, we train students in the practical skills of creating digital media -- with particular emphasis on digital video, podcasting, image manipulation, and designing websites using HTML and CSS. Equally importantly, though, we stress the concepts that are essential for media producers in the 21st century. These concepts include the fundamentals of computing technologies, copyright law and fair use, and how to engage with audiences. Below is a video preview of the course.

I also teach...